We love innovation.
Even more – we are an innovation.

In the near future nanopowders will be used mainly in manufacturing, construction materials, electronics and several other areas, by 2020, they will be increasingly used in environmental and medical applications.

We love innovation. Even more – we are  an innovation.

Advantages of the controlled electron beam evaporation method:

  • Controlled purity
  • The possibility of using high-purity waste of an arbitrary shape (chips, filings, debris, etc.)
  • A one-step production cycle with the ability to control the size of nanoparticles
  • A unique opportunity for the industry to create complex composite nanostructures
  • Easy production and low cost
  • High productivity

Comparative table of methods and technologies for obtaining nanomaterials at the same costs for the organization of prodiction:

Particle size, nm Stability in obtaining particles of a given size Obtaining materials of ultra-high purity Particle shape control Productivity {kg/h}
Our technology 5-150 <10
Plasma - chemical >10 <0,1
Sol-gel >10
SHS or combustion synthesis >5 >5
Depositions from solutions >10
Mechanical synthesis >5 <0,5

of technology

The developed Universal Technology makes it possible to obtain the final products from metals belonging to Groups I to VIII of the Periodic.

Universality of technology

Highly environmentally friendly technology

We have developed a highly environmentally friendly technology, minimizing the flow of pollutants into the biosphere.

Highly environmentally friendly technology